Future of health care

Future of health care, latest research into cancer, stroke, heart disease, ageing. Longer more active lives and the end of formal retirement age. The new stages of life. Keeping in step with your biological clock. How your brain repairs itself every day. How your bone marrow cells can help heal your own heart. Why some animals don’t age in the normal way. How adult stem cells could cure blindness from macular degeneration. The future of hospitals and clinics,pharmaceutical industry and wellbeing. How older people will dominate decisions about health care and government health planning. Contrasts between wealthy and poor, rationing and health financing. Keynote conference speaker Dr Patrick Dixon, addressing AARP national leaders. This video is in 3 parts on YouTube. Science of ageing. How to stop getting old.

    Medical research into physiology of ageing. How cells get old. Tissue regeneration of heart,muscle, retina, spine, brain and other organs. Repair of tissue damage. Organ regeneration.Cure for blood pressure? New facelift therapy? Humpback whales, Rockfish Project and slow ageing in turtles and parrots. Human impact of anti-aging therapy. Social impact of living longer. Impact on longevity forecasts for life insurance and pensions risk. Cure for deafness and cure for macular degeneration.


Name: Patrick Dixon

       Patrick Dixon is a Futurist, author 12 books including Futurewise, conference speaker (54 nations – up to 5 a week) works with many of the world’s largest corporations on global trends,new technology forecasts, biotech, health care, marketing, risk management, product design,innovation, motivation and customer insight. Patrick Dixon started off as a physician, and founded ACET, the international AIDS foundation active in 23 nations.

Patrick Dixon’s main site http://www.globalchange.com has been used by 12 million different people. Patrick Dixon’s Videos have been freely available online for a decade now – viewed by 1.6 million people (SUBSCRIBE TOP RIGHT). Videos are of conferences. workshops and seminars – plus comments on trends and issues. Phone Patrick Dixon (about corporate events): +44 7768 511 390


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