Drug delivery

Drug delivery is a process, during which pharmaceutical compounds are delivered to humans or animals. Methods of delivery include several routs, such as oral, nasal, pneumonial, rectal and several others. In order to work effectively, the drug needs to work in a controlled manner, which would control the circulation of the drug in the body. Targeted delivery occurs when the drug remains active within a specified territory of the body. Targeted drug delivery is especially important in cases, when the drug needs to affect a malicious turmoil, such as in cancerous tissues.
Doctors all over the world are trying to find new methods for more effective drug development and drug delivery. One of the most successful methods developed in recent years is nanotechnology. This mechanism, which controls small-scale matter, makes it possible for drugs to permeate trough cell walls. The methods of nanotechnology play a very important role in pharma industry: health organizations manufacture more efficient drugs, released in a controlled manner in order to reach the target areas of the patients’ body.
Drug development aims to find more effective drugs, which would cure or ameliorate symptoms of illness or medical condition. Drug development is required to establish the chemical properties of new compounds, their stability and chemical makeup. The process of drug development also involves the need to fit the regulatory requirements of drug licensing authorities. Pharmaceutical companies, which produce different medications, develop new methods of targeted drug delivery. Nanotechnology, developed in recent years may provide a breakthrough technique of drug delivery.
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