Genetic Algorithms and Evolution

Genetic Algorithms and Evolution
Strategy in Engineering and Computer Science

This second edition is more focused towards real world applications than the first which was more theoretical in nature. It may even be considered a natural evolution of “Genetic Algorithms in Engineering and Computer Science” which aims to show how Evolutionary Computing is now ready for industrial applications. The book opens with an interesting chapter on how to model and simulate evolutionary processes computational and why this is valuable. Then four chapters follow dealing with theoretical aspects of evolutionary computing. Adaptive niching, representation issues, Immunized Artificial Systems are some of the theoretical aspects here addressed. The second chapter proposes a novel scheme of Algorithms andEvolutionary Strategies which include the design of 100% functional arithmetic circuits, cam shape optimization, the design of multilayer optical coatings, and the multi objective optimization of aerodynamic airfoils for the minimization of the electromagnetic back scattering.

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