>Biomedical Nanotechnology

6. Biomedical Nanotechnology:

Biomedical nanotechnology is one of the fastest-growing fields of research across the globe. However, even the most promising technologies may never realize their full potential if public and political opinions are galvanized against them, a situation clearly evident in such controversial fields as cloning and stem cell research. Biomedical Nanotechnology presents state-of-the -art research in the field and also considers the socio-political risks and perceptions of this important science. Contributed by prominent experts in this expansive and interdisciplinary field, Biomedical Nanotechnology examines developments in three sub-fields: nanodrugs and drug delivery; prostheses and implants; and iagnostics and screening technologies. The authors compare new capabilities introduced by nanotechnology to traditional methods of release,
target, and controlled drug delivery in the body. They also consider the challenge of understanding and controlling the biological processes involved upon implantation and discuss nanoscale sensors for biological chemical detection and biodefense. The book concludes with individual chapters devoted to the social and economic context of nanotechnologies and to their potential risks and possible solutions. By outlining cutting-edge research in the context of pressing global medical needs and potential risks, this authoritative reference supplies a holistic treatment of biomedical nanotechnology that enables us to understand its implications and decide the best way to move forward.


JHU Micro/Nanotechnology

Micro/Nanotechnology is the science of extreme miniaturization, all the way down to the molecular and atomic scales. This field has the potential to drastically
improve electronics, medicine, communications, manufacturing, and beyond. Because micro/nanostructures are too small to see with the naked eye, there is a
dire need for visualization resources, such as video and animations, to visualize and understand this revolutionary field.

This educational module effectively introduces students to the concept of micro/nano, the micro/nanofabrication techniques used to createmicro/nanodevices, and examples of micro/nanoscale projects, many of which utilize self-assembly. The module incorporates 3D animations, video footage, and images, as well as a narrative that describes and reinforces what is being seen on screen.

This video was created/produced by David Filipiak (djflip@jhu.edu, djf224@cornell.edu)

(Part 1/4) Intro to Micro/Nanotechnology, Micro/Nanodevices and Micro/Nanofabrication Techniques
From JHU
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXD7CCnghT4

(Part 2/4) Intro to Micro/Nanotechnology, Micro/Nanodevices and Micro/Nanofabrication Techniques
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xcd8dHQHBM8&feature=related

(Part 3/4) Intro to Micro/Nanotechnology, Micro/Nanodevices and Micro/Nanofabrication Techniques
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brWE3Fk-aXY&feature=related

(Part 4/4) Intro to Micro/Nanotechnology, Micro/Nanodevices and Micro/Nanofabrication Techniques
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kdxMlOF8D8&feature=related


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